Neck Pain and Chiropractic

One of the most common reasons for a chiropractic visit, neck pain is a major problem in modern life.  As we hunch over computers at a desk all day at stressful jobs, work long hours and sit unnaturally at a steering wheel on our drive home, our necks often take the brunt of the force. The cervical spine is made up of seven vertebrae that travel through the neck. Tension and muscle soreness build in the neck and leave us in a state of pain. Sometimes it even extends to the arms and shoulders, and even triggers tension headaches known as cervicogeneic headaches.

The neck region is constructed of many soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, veins, arteries and nerves that support the bone and joints of the spine. Soft tissue abnormalities from recurrent stress and damage are the most common source of neck pain. It can start at the neck or any of the surrounding parts of the body and spread.  Muscle strain causes aches and stiffness that start at the neck and move to the upper arm. A pinched nerve is a type of nerve entrapment in the neck that can cause shooting pain to travel through the arms to the fingers, also causing numbness and weakness in the arms and hands.

How we treat neck pain

Neck pain is a highly complex and difficult condition with many underlying causes, and any number of spinal manipulation techniques, manual therapies and muscle stimulations may be necessary to get to the source of your condition. Dr. Mendoza will have to consider your specific symptoms and medical history, and perform a physical examination, before making a diagnosis, so as to ensure the correct course of action. Trigger point therapy, ultrasound and therapeutic massage ease and bring relaxation to the muscles, while electrical stimulation therapy and a routine of exercises are meant to rebuild muscle strength. Manual adjustments on the spine and neck through gentle thrusts will help to decompress, align and return flexibility to the spine.

If you suffer from neck pain, Dr. Mendoza can help

Dr. Mendoza is an experienced specialist successfully aiding his patients in the healing of neck injuries and ridding of symptoms. Through an exhaustive approach to treating your condition that gets to the origin of the injury, our clinic heals you for the long term. Dr. Mendoza has the top-of-the-line medical technology, healthcare expertise and comprehensive physical therapy experience to effectively treat many patients with neck pain through tried and proven regimens that have cured patients of their neck injuries and allowed them to return to their busy lives and work routines.

If you are suffering from pains in the neck and surrounding areas, please contact us to help relieve your pain and cure its cause. Take the first step towards treating and call 323-254-2881 for a FREE consultation or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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