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Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common injury occurring in the workplace.

A painful condition in the wrist and hand, it results in sharp shooting pain and a numbing that ranges from a tingly sensation in the fingertips to a complete loss of feeling and inability to hold things when inflamed. The carpal tunnel is a tunnel just below the palm made of bone wrapped in a strong ligament for protection. Traveling through the tunnel are nine tendons and the delicate median nerve. The median nerve travels from the spine all the way to the fingertips. Compression to the median nerve and tendons traveling through the carpal tunnel at the wrist will affect the ability to feel and grip, affecting the patient’s ability to sleep or function in everyday life.

Repetitive actions like typing, chopping, hammering, pushing and pulling with the hands can be uncomfortable to the wrist and are the main source of carpal tunnel syndrome. Computer overuse is the biggest culprit, as we increasingly rely on them to accomplish most tasks in the workplace and in life. Recurrent pressure on the tunnel causes it to pinch on the tendons and nerve inside it.


As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Mendoza is thoroughly versed in the workings of the nervous system. He will perform a physical examination on your wrist, neck and back. He will listen to your symptoms and consider your medical history before coming to a diagnosis and determining the correct course of action. An x-ray or MRI may ultimately be necessary in sorting out the specifics of your injury. Dr. Mendoza will perform specific manual adjustments to the neck, elbow and wrists to alleviate pain, reduce stress on the nerves, and restore proper movement to the wrist and hand. Physical therapy, along with home care instructions including stretching and strengthening exercises, drastically relieve symptoms and aid the body in its healing process. Catching carpal tunnel syndrome early will ensure a more expedient recovery.


Dr. Mendoza has seen many patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and has the experience and knowledge to bring you out of pain and back to your busy and active life. Chiropractic treatments are proven and safe, healing your carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery. Our clinic is focused on getting to the root of your condition, not just to treat your symptoms but to cure you for the long term.

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