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Everyone has experienced a throbbing headache at some point in their lives.

Headaches occur in many different parts of the head and for many different reasons. Pain may be localized to one particular region, for instance the sides or back of the head. Other times a pounding sensation can take over the whole head, seemingly coming from the brain. Some headaches are accompanied with nausea, loss of appetite or seeing difficulties. Headaches can last for a brief moment or go on for days. No matter the case, one thing is for certain: headaches are unbearable and unwanted.

Some headaches seem to occur with no rhyme or reason, while others can be easily linked to physical or emotional stress, chemically-related disorders, caffeine, or sleep or dietary habits. Studies have shown that tension headaches are often related to and exacerbated by poor alignment in the neck and spine. Abnormal tension, called subluxation, displaces the top vertebrae in the neck, causing a small muscle in the back of the head known as the RCPM muscle to spasm. As the muscle spasms, it tugs on a tendon attached to it that travels between the upper neck and the base of the skull, connecting to a pain-sensitive tissue surrounding the brain, called the dura mater. People who sit improperly at desks all day will regularly experience and endure this type of headache.


Chiropractic approaches including spinal manipulation are a proven method of reducing and relieving headaches for the long term without side effects. Dr. Mendoza will subdue your symptoms by getting to the source of your body’s tensions that are causing excess pressure on the dura mater, the highly sensitive tissue covering the brain. First, a physical examination will be performed, and symptoms and medical history will be considered, before a final diagnosis is made. Then, depending on the diagnosis, a treatment plan will be decided and implemented. Manual manipulations to the spine and neck are a possible treatment for headaches, restoring the integrity of the spine and reducing pressure on the upper neck vertebrae that push on the brain. Massage and heat therapy are also useful in relaxing the muscles in the neck and back, effectively reducing pressure causing headaches.


Dr. Mendoza is an experienced professional with the knowledge and wisdom of many years as a practitioner of chiropractic care healing patients suffering from headaches and related symptoms. With thorough physical therapy, cutting-edge technology and physical therapy expertise, Dr. Mendoza has all the tools necessary not just to ease your symptoms but to heal your condition for good. Our clinic has successfully gotten our patients out of pain and back to their active and busy lives.

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