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Shoulder pain is a common problem and the source of a lot of pain for those who suffer from the condition.

It can range from a mild irritation to panging aches and inability to move.One of the most mobile joints in the human body, the five “rotator cuff” tendons and joint of the shoulder hold the humerus, the upper arm bone, to the shoulder socket and allow a great deal of movement. Thanks to these flexible ligaments, we can reach over our heads, around our backs and across our chests. The shoulder is partly so flexible and strong because of surrounding muscles in the upper back and chest, providing further stability and guidance to the shoulder joint.

The shoulder region’s complex flexibility also puts it at easy risk of injury from extreme motions. Damage to any part of the system can throw off the body’s natural safeguards, increasing risk of impairment. Thus, there are many causes of shoulder pain. Inflamed muscles or joint, known as tendonitis, can result in days of pain after overuse of the shoulder. Imbalance between back and chest muscles from poor posture, as well as excessive over-head arm activity like swimming or throwing, are the source of swelling or tearing in the muscles and tendons of the rotator, a condition known as rotator cuff syndrome. Rotator cuff syndrome is particularly painful at night and can cause adhesions limiting shoulder motion, known as frozen shoulder.


Dr. Mendoza offers successful treatment of shoulder pain due to any of its causes through a regimen of muscle exercises, manual adjustments and treatments for inflammation. First, Dr. Mendoza will take a look at your medical history, lifestyle habits and shoulder pain symptoms, then perform a physical examination and make a diagnosis. Once the particularities of your shoulder injury are determined, an appropriate regimen will be implemented to ensure your recovery. Inflammation may be treated with ice therapy and ultrasound therapy, which also helps to decrease pain. Physical therapy to stretch muscles, as well as a recommendation of home exercises, will aid in improving smooth shoulder motion. Manual adjustments to reposition vertebrae may be necessary to relieve the shoulder joints of stress. It is important to seek treatment soon and to keep the shoulder in motion so as to avoid the condition of frozen shoulder.


Dr. Mendoza has the experience and knowledge of treating many patients successfully who have suffered from shoulder pain, allowing them to return to being active and productive at work and at home. Chiropractic treatments of the joints and nervous system are effective and non-surgical solutions that not only relieve symptoms but also get to the source of the condition and cure it for the long term.

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