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"Not all chiropractors are created equal. Dr. Mendoza relieved my pain in fewer visits than I thought possible. Hands down, the very best."

Sergio Robledo
Highland Park, CA

"With other chiropractors, it's hit or miss. With Dr. Mendoza, he'll take all the time he needs so when you leave the office, you're in less or zero pain."

Liza Morgan
South Pasadena, CA

"This operation is not about up-selling X-rays and additional visits. It's about providing caring treatments that make you feel immediately better."

Rob Delgado
Eagle Rock, CA

"When my back and neck pain flare up, I can always get a same-day appointment. It's a relief to know that Dr. Mendoza will knock down the pain."

Karen Williams
Mt. Washington

Testimonials for Mendoza Chiropractic

We routinely meet or exceed the expectations of our patients.

Mendoza Chiropractic greatly appreciates feedback from our valued patients. Our online reviews are outstanding. Please take the time to review what other patients have said about Mendoza Chiropractic below. As always, please contact us to provide your own feedback.

“Dr. Michael Mendoza is a gifted healer. He possesses the know-how, skills and confidence to quickly take his clients out of pain. It has been years since I’ve been trapped on the floor or in bed with a crooked spine and muscle spasms. Everyone in my life who enjoys seeing me active and having fun again appreciates what Dr. Mendoza has done for me. He’s improved the overall quality of my life. That’s what genuine healers do.”

Michael G.

Eagle Rock, CA

“For months I had a sharp, focal pain in my upper back by my shoulder blade. I saw my MD who prescribed medication that didn't help. I saw a massage therapist who worked on the area for about 3 months without any results. I went to see Dr. Mendoza and after my first adjustment, about 60% of the pain and discomfort was gone. After a few treatments all the symptoms in that area were gone. I now bring my son and daughter for monthly check-ups and adjustments to keep them healthy and problem-free.”

S. A.

Glassell Park, CA

“My name is Larry McCurdy. I’ve been going to Dr. Mendoza since he took over the practice from another chiropractor a few years ago, with severe pain in my body. His treatments have really helped me. He is not only good; he’s very easy to be around. He’s great doctor. I highly recommend him.”

Larry M.

Patient Since 2006

“My entire family sees Dr. Mendoza to address any and all back/neck issues as well as preventive and maintenance care. He and his staff provide the utmost in professional and high- quality health care, something that is hard to find these days. We are so grateful to have found California Chiropractic and Dr. Mendoza’s specialized care; we look forward to every visit!”

L. D. & Family

Atwater Village, CA

“Dr. Mendoza is one of the best Chiropractors I have had to pleasure to be a patient of. Even though I moved quite a bit in the past, I always made sure I had a good Chiropractor so, I have seen a variety. Also, I have experienced different methods but Dr. Mendoza has been able to help where other good Chiropractors were unable to. He puts great effort and care into his practice and his patience’s well being and not only do I admire him for that, I also know what a wonderful person he is too.”

Lori T.

Altadena, CA

“When I went to see Dr. Mendoza I had had back pain for years but it had begun to move down my leg. This really scared me! He explained how the positions of the bones in my back were putting pressure on the nerves and that this was causing my leg pain. After treating with Dr. Mendoza my leg symptoms quickly resolved and today I'm pain free. I don't worry now every time I pick up my grandchildren.”

R. G.

Eagle Rock, CA

“I first started going to Dr. Mendoza with California Chiropractic because I had pinched a nerve in my neck and for over a year I was unable to turn my head fully to the right. I couldn’t do a head-check while driving without lifting my shoulder and adjusting my upper body slightly. I had been to 2 other chiropractors, without great success. After a couple of months working with Dr. Mendoza, I had full rotation in my neck again and have diminished my migraine headaches considerably through regular monthly visits. My son, who is 12 years old, has been receiving monthly adjustments as he has grown, to make sure his spine stays strong and well aligned. He had had adjustments with the other chiropractors I went to and their approach, he said, was painful when they adjusted him. He was very hesitant about going to Dr. Mendoza. After his 1st visit, he told me that Dr. Mendoza is the only chiropractor he ever wants to go to. Dr. Mendoza’s approach to chiropractic is so calming; it is almost as if my back/neck just melts into place when he adjusts it. He is a genuinely nice & caring person, his office staff always provides top-notch service and my son and I feel grateful to have found him. It has been a couple of years now since we first starting going to California Chiropractic and we are in excellent health and are made to feel as if we are the only people in the room when we go for our monthly adjustments. I would recommend his office to anyone without hesitation, especially those who are fearful chiropractic adjustments will be painful…he will put you at ease and you will definitely feel better…we do!”

Stephanie C.

Glendale, CA

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